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Pèlerinage et Hostellerie du Mont Sainte-Odile - 67530 OTTROTT - FRANCE
The Mont Ste Odile

Mont St. Odile welcomes you

Mont St Odile is a spiritual shrine well loved by the Alsatian people.

Second only to Strasbourg’s Cathedral as an emblem of the Catholic Church of Alsace, Mont St Odile has been the property of the Church of Strasbourg since 1853. This public place of worship embodies the legal personality of the Strasbourg diocese.

Here visitors will find a management team, a community of nuns, staff to help them in various ways, groups of worshippers who come week after week from different parts of Alsace, all ready to welcome them 365 days a year.

People come to this monastic setting to meditate or to pray, as pilgrims or tourists, to stay at the hotel, eat, learn and refresh their spirits.

Mont St. Odile will amaze you with its extraordinary views and its exceptional natural and archaeological environment, with marked paths for hikers, places that invite meditation and areas set aside for seminars, all in a convivial atmosphere.

Your visit will be an opportunity to discover the catholic spiritual tradition and its modern-day vitality, to look inside your heart and to meet other individuals and groups with whom to exchange views, share, pray and celebrate.

Children, young people, adults, senior citizens, people with disabilities, whether believers or otherwise, are all welcome here, in keeping with the tradition of hospitality of St Odile and her sisters.

Friends who read these lines, welcome to Mont St Odile, be it for an hour, a day or a week.

May St Odile, patron saint of Alsace, source of light for each one of us, open your eyes and let you see the Christian faith and the Gospel at work in the world around you.

In Strasbourg+ Joseph DORE, Archbishop of Strasbourg+ Christian KRATZ, Auxiliary Bishop + Jean-Pierre GRALLET, Auxiliary Bishop, Episcopal Council, Board of Management of Mont St Odile
Address: Archevêché de Strasbourg, 16 Rue Brulée, 67081 STRASBOURG

At Mont St Odile, Father Daniel PERRIN, Director, Father Jerome HESS, Deputy Director, the Community of the Sisters of the Cross and the staff.

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